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Why is Paella a Timeless Dish?

#Traditional paella dish originated in Valencia, Spain in the 19th century with the ingredients available in that region originally used in cooking the local recipe. Since then, the popularity of paella has become phenomenal and extended not just throughout Spain and the Mediterranean region, but internationally. The Valencian recipe, widely viewed by non-Spaniards as Spanish national food, has captured the discerning palate of gourmets around the world.

Unlike other food that becomes a fad only for a time and is forgotten later when people have had enough of it, paella is a timeless dish. It is a unique classic recipe that will be here to stay. Let’s look at the reasons why.

1. Paella is special.

Everything in paella is special. It has a rich cultural background and history, almost a world heritage. Valencia, where it originated, recognizes paella as not just a recipe but a ritual and an icon of its culture. The authentic dish has a distinct way of cooking and preparation. These factors give the paella its special character not present in other regular food.

2. Paella is healthy, nutritious, and complete.

All the ingredients in the recipe are fresh and healthy. You get all the nutrients your body needs such as vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, and proteins from the good balance of rice, seafood, vegetables, and meat to keep your energy up.

3. Paella has several varieties.

While there is the original Paella Valenciana that uses meat along with the other ingredients you can enjoy, paella has several other variants that can satisfy your palate. The Paella de Marisco or Seafood Paella uses seafood such as shrimps, lobster, and cuttlefish. Paella Mixta or Mixed Paella comes in many variants and may mix chicken, seafood, and other crustaceans.

Paella has also found its way into the dining table of many countries that have adapted the recipe into their local dish while being creative in introducing a few indigenous ingredients into their paella variant.

4. Paella is an all-season, all-occasion recipe.

You can prepare paella any time of the year since its ingredients are always available. Paella, being a special food, can likewise be served on any special occasion or on your home’s dining table even when there’s no occasion.

These attributes make paella a classic, timeless dish that will continue to be savored by both gastronomes and casual diners in many more generations.

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