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Why Paella Is the Best Dish to Cook When You Don't Have Time?

We often get so bogged down with work and family life, that we leave little time for cooking healthy, nutritious meals. When there's no time to prepare a healthy meal, junk food and unhealthy take-out are the usual go-to option for busy families.

If you have had enough greasy hamburgers, soggy chips, declining health and fitness, and setting a poor example for your children, then it's time to find better options.

There are many healthy recipes available that are fast to prepare and healthier for you. In a lot of cases, it can be quicker to throw a healthy meal together than the time it takes to jump in the car and head to the fast-food restaurant.

Paella is one such example of a healthy meal you can prepare in no time at all, and the diverse range of ingredients means you can create a delicious dish everyone can enjoy. Here are a few more reasons paella is the ultimate in healthier fast foods.

Lots of Flavor and Variety

Paella is a rice dish, but as for the other ingredients, there's a wide variety of flavors you can use and still call it paella. You can add mainly seafood ingredients of fish, mussels, and squid, or a meat paella with rabbit, chicken, pork. You can even use a selection of your favorite vegetables to create delicious vegetarian paella.

Paella Provides a Balanced Meal in One Dish

Rice is the most important ingredient in the paella dish. Rice is loaded with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals like manganese, copper, phosphorous, and selenium.

The vegetables and meats used in most paella recipes will also provide a good portion of the essential nutrients you need to create a balanced meal.

It's Easy to Prepare

Paella isn't a complicated recipe to make. In traditional Spanish cooking, paella became staple dish because it could be ready in about 20 minutes, which is about as long as it takes to order and pick up a pizza, but a lot healthier. Paella recipes are also easy to adjust for however many people you will cook for, and you will save on a lot of washing up.

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