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Why Paella catering is the best for a small get together?

You never got into a situation where you had to cook for a few people to talk and share time but not knowing what to cook? Some dishes take a long time to make, others are not suitable for small meetings, you don't have the right ingredients, the recipe is too complicated, some of your guests have allergies ... and the more you thought of dishes to make them, the more time you were wasting deciding. However, there are dishes that are easy to make, which can be adapted in any circumstance, and paella is a great favorite.

A versatile dish in all circumstances

Whether for a reunion with family, friends or office colleagues, paella is a dish that is versatile. Paella is still a dish that is more professional than pizza and friendlier than spaghetti, which is great when you don't have much time to make up your mind.

Easy and adaptable

Don't have all the ingredients or do some of your guests have allergies? No problem, paella leaves you free to make the recipe you want and need. The number of ingredients in the paella allows you to easily choose whether you want to add, remove or replace something. The spirit of paella is conviviality and sharing.

Balanced and healthy

The advantage of paella is that its composition is very varied, there are vegetables and meat, which makes it a very complete dish. All your guests will find something there that they appreciate, it is a very good compromise to make everyone happy.

A moment of family sharing

If you have time, you can even invite your guests to cook paella with you, it can create a good time and strengthen your bonds. Since this is a fairly easy dish to cook, you can even invite the children to help. Adaptable, convivial, fragrant,… paella is a unique dish while remaining sufficiently adaptable to delight everyone.

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