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Is Paella good for a Date?

Can’t think of the perfect date night dish that will set the mood? Try the classic romantic dish which originated from Spain that’s perfect for any romantic occasion.

What is Paella?

Paella is a traditional Spanish rice dish that is customizable but is traditionally made with seafood, fish, meat, and vegetables. What makes Paella have its very distinct color and unique flavor is the use of saffron in the dish.

It is a rice dish with a tomato base where you can easily customize it. According to several experts, there is no traditional way of making Paella as every part of Spain has its take. Because it has become known worldwide, many cooks also have their own take on it.

The Origin of Paella

Paella first originated in Valencia City, which during the early 18th century, was one of the agriculturally productive areas before the discovery of several different countries. Its geographical location was open to several ingredients, even to fish and other types of seafood.

Why Paella is a Great Meal for Romantic Dates

Believe it or not, the dish has a romantic backstory behind it. It is said that the name “Paella” originated from an old tale where a young man cooked the dish for his lover. He made the dish para ella or “for her.” However, some say that the name of the dish was actually inspired by the shallow, two-handled frying pan which Paella is traditionally cooked and served in, Patella.

You can never go wrong with Paella as although it is a rice dish from Spain because you can customize it according to your and your date’s preference. Its distinct and bold flavors and spice makes Paella one of the most well-known Spanish dishes.

It’s a dish that’s loved by many and will surely be loved by your date. After all, what’s important is having a wonderful time with your date.

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