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Authentic Seafood Paella Recipe

Paella is a practical Spanish dish that has been served to families for centuries. The great thing about paella is that there is no limit to the flavors you can enjoy while still sticking to tradition. Paella recipes come in a wide variety of flavors and combinations, including meats like duck, pork, beef, and chicken, but one of the most loved variations is the paella marinera.

Paella Marinera is the seafood variation of paella, and it's a tasty way to enjoy your favorite seafood flavors and delicacies. Every dish is created from fresh seafood, with changes in the recipe promising to offer something everyone can enjoy.

Our delicious paellas use rice infused with the delightful aromas and subtle tastes of saffron and include only the freshest of seafood ingredients.

Your Choice of Paellas Marinera

We specialize in seafood paellas, and each dish uses saffron infusion to deliver authentic Spanish flavors. A wide variety of seafood goes into making our authentic seafood paella recipes. Here are a few of our authentic seafood paella recipe favorites, which have been enjoyed by our guests over the years.

Standard Marinera Paella Recipe

Enjoy traditional paella flavors with the standard paella recipe. In each dish, you will find generous samplings of mussels, bay scallops, squid, fish, and shrimp.

Deluxe Seafood Flavors

The Paella Marinera Deluxe has generous portions of langostinos, fish, shrimp, squid, bay scallops, green mussels, and clams. If you're after a seafood meal the whole family can enjoy, then the paella deluxe is an authentic seafood paella recipe that can deliver something for everyone.

How Authentic Seafood Paellas are Prepared

You will know your paellas are made to the highest standards and from the freshest ingredients because they are created in front of your very eyes. We don't hide our chefs behind closed doors, and you can see what exactly goes into making the paella marinera we are famous for.


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