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Why Paella Is The Perfect Summer Dish?

Many have heard of and have tried the famous dish that is Paella. Even though it originated from the Spanish city of Valencia, it has become very popular in Florida and other neighboring states.

This rice dish is mostly thought of as Spain’s very own national dish by non-Spaniards. It is truly one of, if not, the most famous Spanish dishes of all time. It is highly associated with the summer season, so there is a growing curiosity as to why paella is the perfect summer dish.

What is Paella?

There are different variations of paella, but generally, the dish includes saffron-seasoned rice. This spice is responsible for the yellow color. Any type of short to medium grain rice can be used, but bomba rice is preferred due to its ability to hold its structure quite well throughout the cooking process.

Other significant ingredients in the dish are meat, seafood, and vegetables. Meat can be in the form of chorizo, pork, chicken, or rabbit while seafood can range from shrimp and shellfish to eel. The common vegetables used are beans, bell peppers, onions, and peas.

Paella can be completely vegetarian by excluding any form of meat. It can be completely black instead of yellow by cooking it in squid ink. Since it is a filling meal by itself, there is no requirement for any sides to a serving of paella. A light salad is a common choice for those who simply cannot have the dish alone.

Why is Paella the Perfect Summer Dish?

While fruits, smoothies, and ice cream are among the popular and most favorite summer treats, Paella is right there in the list of perfect summer dishes, and here are the reasons why.

It is best enjoyed outdoors.

Like the barbecue party that you and your family enjoy together, paella is a picnic food traditionally whipped up over a fire out in the open more than indoors. It can be prepared while the whole gang is chatting, catching up, and enjoying the summer breeze.

It is easy to cook.

It does not require more cooking skills than the regular person. While there are more exquisite variations of the recipe once you become more skilled in paella preparation, preparing the simplest form of the dish is straightforward.

You and your family and friends end up with the best of both worlds. The ingredients make up for a well-balanced diet, and the flavors are simply enjoyable.

If you are looking for the best-tasting paella in town for your next party or gathering, give us a call at Paella Uno! We make sure that you and your gang will never look back or in any other direction after giving our paella dish a try.

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