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What type of rice is paella rice?

Paella is a dish from Spain that has become popular all over the world. The dish itself was created by merging some of their favorite dishes into one, including rice and seafood. It can be made with chicken or beef as well! This article will take you through what it is and where this delicious dish originated to help you appreciate it even more. What type of rice does paella use?

Traditional varieties of paella rice are Valencia, Bomba, and Calasparra. Paella is a dish that originated in Spain but has now spread around the world. It is made with saffron-flavored rice and various meats or seafood. Paella can be cooked one of two ways - either on top of the stove or in an oven (baked). The cooking times vary depending on what you put into it, so make sure to follow your recipe closely! Now let's dive deeper into each type of paella rice.

Bomba rice:

Bomba rice is a short, almost round grain of long-grained, pearly white rice that absorbs three times its volume in water and expands easily. It has a fantastic ability to absorb flavors without sticking together like some varieties do! Cooks also prize bomba Rice for these reasons and its versatility - bombas can be used in any dish where other types would typically be substituted.

Senia and Bahia:

Senia and Bahia are two of the most popular rice varieties grown in Spain. They absorb more liquid than average, making them perfect for dishes like paella because they will hold up to a long cooking time while maintaining their creamy texture.

Calasparra rice:

Calasparra rice is a short-grain variety of rice grown in the area around Calasparra, Murcia. In fact, both Balilla and Bomba varieties are cultivated here. Generally found near Valencia on Spain's Mediterranean coast and with their own DO status, these two types grow well in this region due to their mild winters and plenty of sunshine for growing too!

Rice is not just a side dish to accompany your meal, it can also be the main course. Whether you want to cook paella or other rice dishes, understanding how different types of rice are cooked will help you decide which type of rice is best for cooking with various recipes. We hope these information helped give you an idea of how versatile one little grain can be!

Thanks for reading, and don't Forget To Enjoy Your Paella!

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