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What is paella made of?

Paella is considered the typical dish of Spain, although there are different versions of it all over the world. Although it is a relatively simple dish to prepare, it is very complete which allows you to eat it regularly without any problem. Being a balanced dish, it can be eaten in any season, and its nutrients will help you keep your energy up.

The history of paella

Historically paella originates from the region of Valencia, hence the name paella Valenciana. The main ingredient of the dish is rice, as it is widely cultivated in the region and inexpensive, which is what has contributed to its popularity. The dish was originally prepared with rice and the foods that the peasants found on their farm, whether it was vegetables or meat. The paella was prepared in a single large container.

The paella today in different regions

Today there are many versions of paella which can consist of saffron rice, peas, peppers, chicken, prawns, mussels, squid, octopus, and a few slices of lemon. It changes depending on the region where it is prepared and also adapts to the different countries where it exists.

What are the ingredients of traditional paella?

The traditional dish is subject to certain protection to be preserved. The ingredients are those historically found in the Valencia region: rice, chicken, rabbit, flat green beans and large white beans, and a sauce made from saffron and grated tomato.

Variants of the paella

Even if the paella Valenciana is the only protected one, there is a wide variety of different paella depending on the regions where they come from and the ingredients added. Seafood and fish, peas, pork or even peppers allow you to create variations on the traditional Spanish paella.

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