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Is Paella A Good Meal For Christmas?

The fact that the food is passed around at the same time is perhaps the most remarkable of all of its characteristics; nobody gets a head start on anyone else.

Everyone waits for the Chef to present the food before he places the paella on the table. From there, we pass our plates back and forth until the Chef himself serves the food, at which point it is passed back to us hand in hand.

It is about taking pleasure in the now

Because in these days of stress and addiction to smartphones, paella is all about being present in the moment and living in the here and now.

And it is that there are very very few instances, unless you are a yogi, in which we are fully present, and this is even more difficult to achieve in modern times due to the insane and stressful life agendas that we carry.

For this reason, when we sit around a paella, we are really submitting ourselves to the moment, with all of our presence, in order to appreciate people, the food that enables us to enjoy that moment, and, in essence, ourselves.

As was also emphasized, the most important thing is to enjoy yourself. We are able to take pleasure in this magnificent experience by engaging in activities that include the investigation of the dyonisian facet of existence as well as the gratification of the senses.

Imagine how many personal problems have been resolved or how many ties have been strengthened just because we were able to spend such a beautiful time together.

For this reason, above all else, paella is an act of love, which is demonstrated by celebrating with family and friends while sharing the ingredients of the country. Paella is traditionally prepared in Valencia, Spain.

In order to have a complete comprehension of the Paella ritual, let's investigate its dynamics and sequence, as well as what are the most advantageous and defining characteristics of the dish that is most emblematic of Spain.

It's All About Enjoying Yourself

However, in spite of the fact that we have gone into a lot of detail about the wonderful qualities of paella and how incredible it is as a ritual, the key to success is really very simple.

Because having fun is the single most important aspect in making paella, and the only thing that really matters in the end.

If in the end none of the participants are having fun, it doesn't matter what recipes you use, how much rice you use, what kind of dynamics you use, or whatever else you do.

Because all of the happiness that paella gives must eventually lead to that one last goal, which is the creation of a memorable experience.

We judge the success of Paella based on the recollections and tales it evokes in us, as well as the quality of the talks and, of course, the images. However, the most important way that we evaluate paella is by the amount of joy and laughter that it brings into our lives.

Therefore, although it is incredible to fully appreciate its beauty, in times of uncertainty, it is important to remember to concentrate on one thing: enjoying oneself to the fullest.

Why Paella Is Considered to Be the Most Authentically Spanish Dish

Just now, we went over the advantages of paella as well as some of its unique characteristics. However, at the end of the day, it is still a meal that is characteristic of Spain, and as such, it is reflective of the country's finest attributes.

In point of fact, the Spanish have a very specific term for living a wonderful life, and it's called "La Vidorra."

It is the counterpart of the Dolce Vita in Italy; however, in our case, Living la Vidorra is about spending wonderful quality time with friends and family, as well as fantastic moments that are increased by great goods or meals like Paella, if feasible, in beautiful surroundings.

Because, Viva la Vidorra!

Therefore, let us brag about the reasons why we believe our nation is at its finest when we say:

The table is the center of attention in everything.

Because if there is anything that is vital in Spain, it is the cuisine. The reality is that culinary experience is at the center of everything. Everything.

There is no such thing as a familial bond, a friendship, or a professional relationship that does not revolve around food.

For us, eating well is a way of life; nevertheless, there can be no such thing as delicious cuisine if it is not prepared with high-quality products that respect both our homeland and our people. Because lunches and dinners include more than just the food itself, a significant amount of time is spent on preparing and eating them.

It is about being there with one another, about bringing together the oldest and the youngest, about remembering the tales, about sharing the funniest moments and about expressing our love for the difficult times, and most importantly, about enjoying the fact that we are all in this together.

The traditional manner of living in Spain

Because, in addition to our enthusiasm for cooking, we take great pleasure in spending time with our loved ones, both near and far. Here, we are very much like "gangs," the groups that we have known throughout our whole lives and with whom we have had the most memorable experiences.

Because, despite the fact that we meet new acquaintances throughout our lives, we cherish maintaining the friendship groupings we had when we were children. But in any event, sharing a delicious dinner together is without a doubt the most effective approach to strengthen such ties. And considering the wonderful weather we have, outside if it's at all feasible.

The joyous laughter and unpretentious manner in which the event was carried out

If there is one quality that can be said to define Spaniards, it is that we are known for our ability to approach life with a good sense of humor and an understanding of how to live.

While other nations may be more inventive or clever, we want things that are straightforward, uncomplicated, natural, and genuine. We aren't impressed by a lot of pomp. Making others laugh by telling jokes, making fun of things, and maybe even dancing if the situation calls for it!

Compartir es Vivir

A common saying in Spanish that literally translates to "Sharing is Living." You are undoubtedly familiar with the term "tapas." And do you know why they have such a widespread reputation? Because they want to divide everything equally.

A dish in the centre for everyone to share and eat from. In Spain, it's common practice to order a variety of dishes and have everyone share bites of each one rather than going their own ways with their meals. As a result, we learn to share from an early age and to appreciate having various alternatives that we would not have specifically requested.

Paella, in particular, is a dish that exemplifies this way of thinking.

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