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Best Paella Caterers in West Palm Beach

Paella is a favorite dish for the people of Palm Beach, so when you’re looking for caterers for your next function or event, you are sure to create a crowd-pleaser when you choose the best Paella Caterers in West Palm Beach.

What is Paella?

Paella is a traditional dish that hails from Spain, Valencia. The original recipe for paella is thought to be the Paella Valenciana, which was created from round grain rice, green beans (bajoqueta and tavella), chicken, rabbit, lima or butter beans (garrofó), and sometimes snails. Olive oil provides the base, and rosemary and saffron branches were often used as a seasoning.

Delicious Paella Varieties

Paella de Marisco is the seafood variety of paella (with seafood replacing the meat). Seafood varieties of paella will often leave out the beans and green vegetables.

Paella Mixta provides the ultimate adventure in paella flavors. It’s a freestyle version of paella which uses any combination of livestock, seafood, vegetables, and beans.

As you can see, your paella caterers can offer your guests a variety of taste sensations with some of the best paella recipes known to man.

Why You Should Cater Your Function with the Best Paella Caterers

Paellas offer your guests something different for your guests to enjoy over the types of foods that are usually on offer at special events, such as hamburgers, hot dogs, and garden salads. While these types of foods can be enjoyable, they aren’t always the best if your goal is to create lasting memories.

Events and functions are often remembered for their food, and when you choose to have deliciously fresh paella served to your guests, your function is one that will surely be talked about for years to come.

Who are the Best Paella Caterers in West Palm Beach

There are quite a few paella specific catering services around West Palm Beach, but we believe that a family-run, locally owned business is the way to go. Paella Uno is a local catering company specializing in delivering the freshest and best-tasting paella to events of all types, including weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, as well as corporate events.

As a local company, Paella Uno stakes its reputation on every event they cater to, so you can be sure you will receive the very best in value and service.


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