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Best Paella in Palm Beach? Paella Uno!

If you’ve never tried paella before, then you are in for a treat. Even if you aren’t a stranger to paella, you are still in for a treat when you find the best paella in Palm Beach at Paella Uno.

What is Paella?

Paella is a traditional Valencian rice dish dating back to ancient times. Modern recipes for paella originate in the 19th century in Spain, close to the city of Valencia around the shores of the Albufera lagoon.

The typical paella dish consists of saffron rice cooked and served in an iron skillet that is both shallow and wide. Many variations of the recipe exist with meat or fish, and other seafood adding flavor and color to the rice.

Paella is often considered to be a Spanish dish, but Spaniards prefer to think of it as a Valencian dish. Whatever your thoughts, all that matters is that paella is delicious, but you have to get the rice cooked just right.

Where to Find the Best Paella in Palm Beach for Your Catering Event

Paella Uno are the paella experts in Palm Beach, FL, so if you want the best food experience for your next event, then they can provide. They even have a vegetarian dish that is sure to be a favorite for your non-meat-eating guests.

Paella Marineras is a favorite paella variation, and with so many seafood choices contained in the one dish, it’s also the most colorful. Saffron rice combines with seafood flavors of shrimps, scallops, squids, clams, mussels, and fish. The dish is then garnished with green peas and roast peppers. Impress your guests with the optional whole or half lobster tail.

There are tons of different ways to create a paella dish, and Paella Uno knows most of them. The next time you want to offer something delicious but different at your event, be sure to consider wowing your guests with the best paella in Palm Beach, FL.


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